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EMS Innovations is not the typical “sales based” organization, so often found in the disaster response community. Since1996, we have been a response partner to our many customers world-wide. Our wealth of experienceallows usto offer a unique systemsapproach to disaster management and emergency planning.

EMS Innovations systems utilize several components to ensureyou have the most flexibility and adequatecapabilities to respond to any incident and provide versatility to meet any mass casualty response needs. Although there is no way to anticipate every disasterscenario, a systems approachgives you multiple tools to meet thespecific and unique needs of any disaster. 

EMS Innovations is proud to offer our complete line of products through an extensive network, assuring that you receive exceptional personal service and competitive prices. Our team members will be happy to demonstrate or assist with training of any of our products.

Feel free to contact EMS Innovations regarding your equipment and system needs.
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